Park Rules

The park rules will apply to any and all sections of the park, including but not limited to the Baseball/Softball field, tennis court, volleyball courts, jogging track, picnic shelter, and playground area.

Any/all scheduling will be done through park manager. Jim Campin. If Jim Campin unavailable, then see City Clerk.

  • No motorized vehicles (outside of the parking lot).
  • Dogs must be on a leash. Please clean up after your pet!
  • Any derogatory or violent physical contact will be automatic banishment for life. ZERO TOLERANCE!
  • Anyone caught damaging the property or anything on the property will be banned for life. Person or persons will be ticketed and prosecuted and City will seek restitution.
  • NO PROFANITY! We will operate on a 3rd strike basis. The 3rd time reported will induce a lifetime banishment!
  • For any/all sporting events, complete team rosters (including addresses) and injury waiver forms must be on file with the city. If not, the player/team will not be allowed to use the facilities.
  • The baseball/softball field and volleyball courts are NOT to be prepared for play by anyone except the city's designated person (s). Violation of this will induce a lifetime banishment from the park. The city will seek restitution for any damage done if unauthorized preparation is done.
  • All park equipment will be under lock & key. If needed, contact park manager. Any/all equipment will be checked out to one person by park manager. City will seek restitution for anything returned damaged. The privilege of using the equipment could be revoked at any time for any reason.
  • Any/all park fees must be paid before scheduled use of the facilities. See city clerk for a copy of park fees.
  • This park is a family facility. Therefore, we must keep it clean and be on our best behavior at all times!